The World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC) promotes the artistic form of chess through its main activities – official international solving and composing tournaments, and the publication of collections of the most beautiful chess compositions from each 3-year period. Most countries with activity in this field are members of the WFCC.
One week every year (with very rare exceptions) the WFCC holds a congress, the World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC), in some member country.  The World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) for national teams and individuals, meetings of delegates representing the member countries including sessions of smaller committees for special areas, the attribution of master and grandmaster titles to deserving composers and solvers, selecting themes and judges for official competitions and collections, and finally selecting the member country which will be holding the next Congress. The congress programme also includes other solving competitions, official and non-official thematic composing tournaments, lectures and other presentations.
The final moment of the Congress is the prize giving ceremony – the announcement of individual and team winners of the World Championship, the winners of other official tournaments during the Congress and during the year up to the Congress, new title holders for solving, composing, judging.