Open Solving Tournament

In the frames of WCSC 2024, 29.07.2024

The final tournament of the current World Solving Cup cycle
Director: Luc Palmans
Assistant: Axel Steinbrink

Open tournament – 2 rounds, 90 min. per round with 6 problems in each round, 30 min break between the rounds.
5 maximum points for the solved problem, 60 maximum points across all problems, every solved problem counts.
• 10:00 – 11:30 : 1st round: #2, #3, endgame, h#, #n, s#
• 11:30 – 12:00 : Coffee break
• 12:00 – 13:30 : 2nd round: #2, #3, endgame, h#, #n, s#

The OPEN of WCSC is rated tournament and organized in accordance with the Criteria for acceptability of tournaments at which rating can be gained (see the Solvers’ Rating section on the WFCC official website).

The excerpt from the rules:

R4There should be at least 12 problems of different types to solve.
R5Problems for solving can be chosen from seven groups: twomovers, threemovers, moremovers, endgames, helpmates, selfmates and fairy chess problems.
R6At the tournament at least 5 groups must be represented.
R7No group can be represented by more than 3 problems.
R8The tournament may be divided into several rounds and/or days.
R9The correct and complete solution or cook of all problems scores 5 points each. Points for partly solved problems can only have a maximum of two decimal places.