Internet Composing Tourney (#2) by Marjan Kovačević

Jurmala WCCC Internet Composing Tourney 2024 announced!
Mate in 2 moves
Theme: Double Mate Correction (DMC)
Additional demands and criteria:
1. The thematic try and the solutions start by the moves of the same White piece.
2. No variation repeats in the phases, even if Black move doesn’t defend against the threat.
3. Unique thematic Black defences are preferable, especially in the try and solution.
Open to all composers around the world, at most three entries per author, single or joint.
Deadline: 15th July 2024
Director: Borislav Gadjanski (entering into MatPlus.Net/Originals/Jurmala IT 2024).
Judge: Marjan Kovačević

See the whole announcement with 16 examples in the section Competitions->Composing->Internet Composing Tourney

Enjoy the innovative theme! Good luck in composing!

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