Fairy & Retros solving

Two solving competitions are just included in the Schedule – Fairy Solving or/and Retros Solving! See them also in the Competitions->Solving->Other section.

If you would like to take part in the Fairy Solving or/and Retros Solving, UPDATE your registration using the Update registration option of the Participants menu. The form overwrites your previous selection. So, please, select ALL activities again in case of the update.

Thanks a lot to everybody involved in the organization of these two tournaments – Vidmantas Satkus, Michal Dragoun, Vlaicu Crișan, Thomas Brand, Axel Steinbrink (who seem to be involved everywhere!!)!

Directors of all tournaments would appreciate the information about participants to appear faster!
To be sure in what you have applied for, you can always check the lists by tournament/activity using the menu Participants->Participants by option.

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